Three Global Ink Industry Profit Growths By Kenny Christies

7 August 2017 Publishing ≈ Printing

Currently, the global ink industry profit growth mainly in packaging and printing inks, digital printing inks and energy curing inks three fields.

Currently, the global ink industry profit growth mainly in packaging and printing inks, digital printing inks and energy curing inks three fields. This is mainly because the market demand of traditional publishing and commercial printing inks fields continued to decline, facing greater pressures, particularly in Europe publishing and commercial printing ink market situation is not optimistic, slim hope of recovery. Therefore, ink manufacturers have targeted packaging printing inks, digital printing inks and energy curing inks, increase research and development, and enhance innovation capability, it is desirable to enhance their profitability, but also can greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

There is no doubt that in recent years the packaging printing service market has always been showing a sustained growth trend, and its development in the coming years the situation will remain more optimistic than the publication printing market, for this reason, almost all of the major ink manufacturers regard the focus in the packaging and printing fields, they think that even if global economic growth is slow, packaging and printing market fluctuations do not appear large. Packaging printing market is also facing some new changes and challenges, including: reducing ink migration, small size packaging trends, packaging materials can be recycled and reduce the impact on the environment and so on. In fact, these challenges to ink manufacturers to bring new market opportunities, if we can provide customers with the future development trend of the new ink products; you can get more room for growth. Expand the domain, and then the offset areas will gradually adopt this technology.

At the same time, with the rapid development of digital printing technology, digital printing inks may also become an important development direction of the global printing ink industry. Especially inkjet printing inks is the focus of attention of many ink manufacturers.

Energy curable inks areas receiving more attention is the LED-UV ink. In the past few years, LED-UV curing technology has matured; the market LED-UV ink manufacturer and product type number is also increasing. Currently, LED-UV curing technology in the field of digital printing has gained a high degree of acceptance, is expanding into the field of flexo and network printing, offset printing field next will gradually adopt this technology.

Sun Chemical's chief marketing director Mr. Felipe Mellado sad:” Energy curable inks and ink jet ink is the best performance of the two areas of Sun Chemical. Compared to 2012, UV / EB ink market there is a certain level of growth, and the main growth comes from packaging printing market, especially UV flexo, narrow web, labels, folding cartons and other flexible packaging applications, wide and large format printing market has maintained a momentum of sustained growth. "

For ink manufacturers, if the business can cover multiple market segments, particularly those concerned with packaging and printing, inkjet printing and UV printing field, relying on technological superiority to provide products and services to these areas in the printing company, you can get better development of.

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