Effectiveness of the Database Solution By Augustine Barlow

21 July 2016 Education ≈ K-12 Education

This article discuss about the effectiveness of a Database Solution and methods of improving the Performance of the Developed Solution in Future.

Scalability, reliability, availability, fault tolerance, storage and speed are major concerns for a database management system.

Organisations have started storing their data on electronic media, like computers, therefore they need to build high reliability mechanisms.

Availability is another major issue concerning organizations. If we take an example of online DVD business, that gets millions of online requests every day, an outage for 10 minutes, can lead to a huge loss, thus availability is important.

The data that is not required must not be stored in the system to improve the database speed. Performance optimization or database query optimization is very important to minimize response time of each query in database and to maximize throughput of entire database server by reducing CPU time, disk I/O and network traffic.

Performance of the system is to be checked throughout its developmental life cycle. Correcting a system in early stages of implementation can prove to be cost effective.

We need to identify the areas, whose performance gain is faster, and can show immediate results and have to focus our analysis on these areas.

Balancing the load across multiple servers, can successfully balance the performance requirements as required by large websites.

Database design and its physical attributes like tables / constraints and indexes, disc systems and object placement etc. are major and most effective ways to improve overall database performance.

One more issue which is extremely important and more qualitative in nature is security of database. Unless the system is exposed to vulnerabilities it is generally difficult to measure the security of the system.

Introduction of more tables, forms, queries, reports in Computer Choice database will enhance its productivity and effectiveness in future. We have created a database solution above, by the use of MS Access 2007. Currently we have 6 tables, 2 forms and 1 query in the database. More number of items can be incorporated to increase the database design effectiveness. All the tables are normalized up to 3rd normal form, so there is no partial dependency or multivalve attributes, database is completely free of redundancy and data can be logically stored.

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