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After result declaration of class X, engineering aspirants start looking for IIT JEE coaching. Generally, it takes two years to prepare for IIT JEE and the role of a coaching institute is of utmost importance during these preparation years. Thus, a coaching institute should be chosen wisely.

After result declaration of class X, engineering aspirants start looking for IIT JEE coaching. Generally, it takes two years to prepare for IIT JEE and the role of a coaching institute is of utmost importance during these preparation years. Thus, a coaching institute should be chosen wisely. Parents and students often get puzzled over the selection of IIT JEE coaching in Trivandrum. Before taking a final call, find the list of top 10 IIT coaching institutes and start working on it. Thorough research for decades has reduced the pain and highlighted the following important things to consider while making the decision.

Track Record

It is pertinent to know the repute of a coaching institute basis which you can choose the one. Good coaching institutes are able to turn the mediocre students into the top performers. Check out the track records of any coaching institutes by getting the answers of following questions:

1. How many students enroll at the coaching center that you intent to join?

2. What is the success ratio (number students appeared: number of students cleared the exam)?

3. What is the number of students in top 100, top 500 and top 1000?

Going through testimonials is also a way to find out the quality of coaching but it is not the sole factor. Browse the internet and read the records on different websites. You may also get in touch with a friend or relative who studies or studied there.

Faculty Members

One of the students passed the class X last year. He was facing a difficulty in understanding the 'Differentiation' topic. So, he tried to search some videos and found the one in which the teacher explained the topic in the easiest way possible. Later, he continued watching his lectures on other topics as well. Likewise, you can ask for the list of teachers and search their lectures online. Alternatively, you can attend the mock classes or demo classes provided by the coaching institutes. These classes and sessions help to strengthen the choice of coaching institute. Teachers have the ability to make the students love the subjects and impart logical & analytical thinking skills which is essential for cracking IIT JEE.

Availability of the teachers who are ex-IITians is a huge plus point for coaching institutes as they have cleared such examinations themselves.

Fee Structure & Refund Policy

Fees of IIT JEE coaching in Trivandrum classes vary depending on many aspects. Many coaching institutes offer discounts in the name of special facilities provided but you should not to ignore the basic requirement, i.e., quality education and environment. Be clear about the payment process. Get to know if you have to make the entire payment in one go or there is an option of instalments. Some institutes offer a certain amount of discount if you pay the entire amount collectively. So, do not forget to ask for it.Some IIT JEE coaching institutes in Mumbai, Delhi and other metro cities conducts an entrance exam or scholarship-cum-entrance exam. Basis on the score of this exam, the students are given scholarship or discount on tuition fee.

It is a common practice that students leave the coaching institute after attending for a week or 10 days. So, go through the refund policy before taking a leap. In such cases, the institutes refund a certain percentage after deducting the amount for the period during which classes were attended. In case of transfer during mid-session, get to know about the refund policy beforehand.


Before joining a JEE coaching class, check out the classrooms, seating arrangements, lighting, counseling area, doubt-solving classrooms and availability of other facilities like drinking water, washrooms, air conditioning etc. Consider a student is sitting in a class without proper lighting and air-conditioner in a congested space. Will student be able to imbibe the lesson in this environment?

Classification of Students

IIT JEE coaching in Trivandrum have adopted the methodology of students' classification. After few months of teaching or during the mid-course, batches are classified basis on the performance of students. Meritorious students clubbed in a different batch are taught distinctively while weak students are paid extra attention. Both the batches are paid special attention as per the capabilities of the students.

Library & Quality Study Material

Modules along with the series of question papers of different difficulty level are provided by most of the coaching institutes. You may interact with the previous year students or existing students to ensure the quality of study material. Library is also provided by some of the IIT JEE coaching institutes. Library facility helps a lot to get the help books and guides for different intelligence levels. Ask the institute if library facility is free.

Monitoring Students' Performance

Coaching institutes set different parameters to monitor the students' performances. Weekly tests, monthly tests, quarterly tests or half yearly tests are conducted topic-wise and subject-wise in order to track the performance of students in the given time.

Get acquainted with the performance monitoring system of the coaching institute. Parents should get emails and messages whenever the results of the tests are announced. Few IIT JEE coaching institutes even provide counseling sessions and motivational sessions to boost the confidence and performance.

Commutation Time

Generally, a student of class XI or XII has to attend the school from 08:00am to 02:00pm. After school, he/she needs rest for some time. In a general case, IIT JEE coaching institute in Mumbai, Delhi or other metro city, the commutation time to reach coaching institute may not allow the students to take rest.

So, consider the commutation time to reach institute and come back to home. Calculate the distance, travel time and transportation mode before deciding the coaching institute.

Class Timing

Discuss the class timings with the coaching institute. Make sure there are multiple options for class timing and it is inter-changeable at any point of time. You may also find the weekend or weekday option for classes. Choose the one that suits your routine the best.


The pattern of entrance exams keep changing every year. There can be different changes like sometimes written mode turns into online, number of questions are changed or weightage is changed. The examination conducting body tries finding the new ways to challenge the intelligence quotient. Thus, it is important to see that the JEE coaching institute that you are about to choose keeps updating its teaching methodology to adapt according to the changes.

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