What is the role of ERP in the Load Trail company ? By Alok Jasmatiya

21 March 2018 Business ≈ ECommerce

This story tells the story about the ERP implementation in Load Trail LLC.

Load Trail LLC company is 1996 based trailer dealing corporation for car haulers, hydraulic doves, single axles, dumps, utilities. The main functional area of the company is construction, farming, real estate, automotive industries and housing industries. The company has good client relationship and offers a variety of people to get succeeded in the marketing trends.

Why ERP was needed in the Load Trail company -

The company realized the ERP software need when their prior ERP software Epicor was lacking behind in real time material planning, cost saving, inventory management and customer satisfaction. The company was needed the comprehensive software which can really provide the growth to the company, operational effectiveness, cost saving and better serve their customers.

Abraham Harms selected the 10 ERP vendors and he selected the IQMS company because the company assured them to remove the challenges they were facing. They talked to the company representatives and talked about the areas after understanding the whole production process which they could innovate the automation.

How ERP was implemented in the company -

Firstly automotive group was made and they firstly developed the module in which the automatic VIN number service was innovated that could meet the safety requirements and as well the transportation time was saved in a simple five minute process.

In the sales scenario, company individuals always had to manage the 25000 automotive parts data in the inventory but in the software they had the ease to handle only 700 parts. There was also a facility of updating the new parts in the software manually only for one time  in the database and it saved a huge labour cost.

Benefits of using the software -

  • 85% reduction in labour cost

  • $120000 deduction in cost.

  • low inventory management and maintenance

  • Removed the need of manual inventory review

  • improved customer satisfaction

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