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Why Buying Quality Hammer and Axe is Vital for Carpenters
10 August 2017 Business ≈ Workplace Communication

Carpenters are hard workers and there is no doubt about that. They not only have to work hard to make beautiful looking furniture, but also have to mend all wooden furniture. From hooking up nails in to the wall to breaking through walls before renovation, carpenters have to deal with almost everything. However, these hardcore workers require a specific tool set in order to carry out their work ef

Frank Curtis
When should a company transform its workstyle?
1/10/2017 Business ≈ Workplace Communication

A quick tactical win that any CFO will appreciate, it should only ever be a part of a far more widespread strategic plan to protect the future of your organisation.For example, changes in technology have enabled organisations to become more agile, flexible and mobile but, in reality, few have yet taken anywhere near full advantage of this opportunity. And the more they delay, the more difficult it

Satya Anand
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