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Selling a real estate in Toronto – Some things to ponder
13 July 2017 Real Estate ≈ Selling

Selling any property in any city across Canada can be tough if you are unaware of the procedure. In case you have to sell your house on an urgent basis then you may face a lot of problems. However, if you follow certain steps then selling a real estate in Toronto can be an easy task to accomplish. Get your property evaluated by an expert realtor When you decide to sell your house the first a

Suresh Thana
12 June 2017 Real Estate ≈ Selling

Looking forward to buying a new home? Hunting for a home can be a lot easier if you know the criteria on which you should base your search on. The first and the foremost thing which you need to keep in mind is the estate owner. The owner should be one who can be trusted and has had good records till date. Apart from that, you need to look beyond just the paint to ensure that the house has everythi

Vimlesh Rai
Godrej Summit: Welcome to a world of sophisticated living where luxury and comfort is just the beginning!
9 June 2017 Real Estate ≈ Selling

The real estate market in Gurgaon is soaring up-high with a number of residential and commercial projects in different parts of the city. Competition between real estate companies has risen to a great extent today. Godrej Summit Gurgaon is a new residential project in Gurgaon by Godrej Properties that is all set to raise the bar of luxury, comfort and class. Extended over 22 acres of land, this

Central Park Cerise Suites : An exclusive township with a wide range of luxury residential spaces for a place you can truly call ‘home’
22 April 2017 Real Estate ≈ Selling

The real estate market in Gurgaon has risen over the past couple of years and has a lot to offer today in terms of residential as well as commercial projects. Central Park Cerise Suites is a new township project in Gurgaon by Central Park that offers a life of total comfort and leisure. Spread over 500 acres of land, this development contains glorious residential spaces like suites, villas

Kolte Patil iTowers Exente: High-class homes for high-class living!!!
21 April 2017 Real Estate ≈ Selling

Kolte Patil iTowers Exente is a premium residential venture announced by the Kolte Patil Developers, stationed at Electronic City in Bangalore. It is a sprawling luxury enclave of magnificent abodes that elevates your lifestyle. Extending across a massive 4.04 acres of land area, Kolte Patil iTowers Exente Bangalore offers 1, 2, 2.5, 3 and 4 BHK residential formats. The homes vary in their size

Asmita Pundari
Beverly Golf Avenue brings to you new flats in Mohali
31 March 2017 Real Estate ≈ Selling

We’re akin to the fine things in life which is why you should know more about the Beverly golf Avenue, excellent new flats in Mohali at the moment. Beverley Golf Avenue is unlike any other luxury living housing in I006Edia. The facilities and features offered simply cannot be matched with any other property. Beverly Golf Avenue has been built on the motto that epitomises international sta

Find peace only at The Beverly Golf Avenue
11 March 2017 Real Estate ≈ Selling

You seldom get a chance in life to live life on the higher plain, and when life finally gives you the financial strength for a feat that big, you run out of worthy options to choose from. Such is the matter with most properties in India. You work hard throughout the entirety of your life and when finally the time comes to look for a new piece of property, you’re left with a few meagre choice

Destination Next for Exclusive Flats: Thane Vartak Nagar
10 March 2017 Real Estate ≈ Selling

As per recent study by major real estate developers in thane, the Vartak Nagar area in Thane is emerging as a real estate hotspot due to a profusion of upbeat factors associated with it. We list down few of them.   With many property developers in Thane launching top residential projects, the realty market in areas like Ghodbunder road and Vartak nagar has developed very methodically. A

Kunal Sutar
Puneet Developers contributes to the real estate revolution in Thane
10 March 2017 Real Estate ≈ Selling

Prior to 2000, Thane was well thought-out as a real estate market for low and middle income groups with not much real estate developers in Thane keen to invest. Mumbai had a few reasonably priced unoccupied spots back then for those hunting for their first home. Nevertheless, people shifted from Mumbai's central and other suburban areas to Thane in quest of an enhanced life. Post year 2000, Th

Kunal Sutar
Punit Group Endows Top Reasons Why You Must Invest In Thane
10 March 2017 Real Estate ≈ Selling

Thane which is one of the fastest growing city, situated only about 25 kilometres away from Mumbai is now rapidly turning into a destination for homebuyers looking for budget homes. With various luxury projects offered by top property developers in Thane, a number of people are keen to invest owing to various beneficial reasons. Puneet Developers suggests some of the top reasons to invest in Thane

Kunal Sutar
Mumbai’s eastern suburbs most preferential for investment in 2017
10 March 2017 Real Estate ≈ Selling

The former low-profile eastern suburb of Mumbai, stretching from Kurla to Thane on the LBS Marg, is soon turning into the next profitable hub of the city with major office complexes and lush residential towers. There is a rise in property developers in Thane & Mulund due to the escalating demand in the eastern suburbs of Mumbai. This is gradually giving strong competition to its southern and w

Kunal Sutar
Love the life you’ll get to live at The Beverly Golf Avenue
21 February 2017 Real Estate ≈ Selling

You seldom get a chance in life wherein you get to choose your surroundings. The world we live in today, working hard to make something out of life is a norm and when you finally reach your goals financially and personally, you are bound to be overwhelmed with choosing from the residences you have always dreamed off. And this is why you should know about The Beverly Golf Avenue, one of the most

How Do I Sell My House Fast Without Any Realtor?
30 November 2016 Real Estate ≈ Selling

Due to the ever growing population and their unceasing demands, real estate is one business that has witnessed an up surge like never before. Buying and selling of houses has become a matter of ubiquity and a lucrative avenue. With the highest number of real estate agents in the country, Florida provides the best of real estate properties at affordable rates. However, if you lack proper knowledge

Samuel Greg
What all Phuket Properties can be looked for Sale through the realtors?
11/1/2016 Real Estate ≈ Selling

Phuket in Thailand is a place that is a well established island and one gets to have a lot of options if one is looking for some Phuket property for sale. This is a place that is believed to be offering a wide market for the real estate investors irrespective of the budget size. Investing in a place like this is really pleasurable and worth spending as it has a range of beaches that act as a super

Top 10 Important Tips for Selling Property
29 April 2016 Real Estate ≈ Selling

Selling a property is not quite as simple like sticking up a “For Sale”. You should wait for a right buyer to come. Property presentation is important key factor for property selling. Homes are our biggest asset. Generally we are expecting good price for that. The right circumstances it should be possible to get good price. If you are planning to buy a new property after or before sell

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