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Get your dream placement with PG diploma in clinical research
22 May 2017 Education ≈ Science

The invention of sophisticated laboratory equipments assists the chemists and biologists to carry out experiments and to present better pharmaceutical products to the world. The invention of the lab apparatuses has expanded the very scope of clinical research. It is that branch of science which is concerned with the study and effectiveness of various medicines in order to analyse whether they may

Sonam Rajput
An overview on part time pharmacovigilance courses for doctors
20 December 2016 Education ≈ Science

Healthcare is a budding industry in India and India has shown a great improvement in this sector and has become one of the major centers for important clinical trials. There are certain issues regarding availability of medicinal drugs that still remain but efforts are being made by the professionals to resolve them as early as possible. Pharmacovigilance is a very crucial sector of the healthcare

Sonam Rajput
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