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Trusting a Money Lender Review Site Can Be Beneficial, Why?
16 November 2017 Finance ≈ Loans

Financial problems are sudden and don’t always knock on the door while coming, thereby completely disturbing the credits and fund management of a household. Problems like sudden emergency hospital bills, mortgage faults, or late salary can disrupt the whole financial routine of an average house and make the people susceptible to stress and anxiety. Traditional financial institutions like

Samuel Greg
How Money Lenders Help You in the Hour of Need
15 November 2017 Finance ≈ Loans

Financial crises are highly volatile and can pop up out of nowhere to haunt your life. Financial crises or emergency demands you to have the instant access to the hard cash, but that is not possible for any common person. People prefer to keep their money deposited in banks or invested in commodities and stocks and this makes it hard for them to have a sum of money in cash at the time of need. You

Samuel Greg
What is invoice discounting an imperative guide
26 September 2017 Finance ≈ Loans

Invoice discounting is, receiving loan on the basis of company’s outstanding accounts. It is a short term loan which is borrowed when a person requires immediate finance to deal with forthcoming order but has not received his due payment. This type of financing provides you with immediate cash after supplying the invoice as security. It is similar to working capital finance as it can be used

Market Finance
Factors to consider before opting for a study loan
10 August 2017 Finance ≈ Loans

The banks and the non banking institutions started offering Educational Loans In India since the past two decades for the students who are aspiring to complete their higher studies. These student loans offered by various lending institutions have been successful in reducing the burden of the shoulders of the students as well as their parents. Study loans are offered for various professional, certi

Necessity of an Student Loan In India
8/4/2017 Finance ≈ Loans

Education plays a great role in crafting an individuals’ future, it is one of the four pillars of existence.Study in India is gradually turning out to be quite expensive, and majority of students are dropping the courses they wishes to pursue or drop the institute from which they want to earn the degree. Though we have some of the best institutes and universities but owing to inflation the e

Planning for abroad studies? Education loan the helping arm!
3 August 2017 Finance ≈ Loans

keep in mind that abroad studies are expensive and needs serious financial planning and intensive research on the interest rates and the repayment tenures offered by various available banks and non banking financial companies. I know one family who went for the overseas study loan from a financier who offered the lowest rates but had a tough time in getting the loan sanctioned with loads of docume

Things to check for while applying for a loan transfer
23 May 2017 Finance ≈ Loans

With the decrease in rates around the corner, many of you may be looking at transferring your home loans to other banks. To initiate the process, you would first need to submit an application to the existing lender requesting for a transfer, basis which the bank will provide you with a consent letter/NOC and a statement mentioning the outstanding amount. Once you provide the NOC to the new lend

Shradha Mahadik
Time ripe to bring in risk-based pricing of loans
12 May 2017 Finance ≈ Loans

Rewarding the good has been an age-old practice. If you have been paying back your credit card dues and loans on time, you are a good customer. And if the aforementioned adage is followed, you could expect to be rewarded with a lower rate of interest the next time you apply for a loan. This practice of rewarding good customers is yet to gain acceptance by the country’s lending institutions.

Shradha Mahadik
Choose the best finance for your housing dreams
17 March 2017 Finance ≈ Loans

Now that you’ve zeroed in on your dream home and its fits your budget, the next step is to identify the lender who will provide the loan for your home purchase. It can be quite a tussle task, given the number of banks and financial institution offering hundreds of housing loan products. While choosing your best home loan deals the eligibility criteria, interest rates, processing fees, ten

Shradha Mahadik
How People with Bad Credit Score can Still Get Loans
16 March 2017 Finance ≈ Loans

Having a bad credit score is not the most remarkable achievement. Credit scores define the credibility of a person based on their capacity to pay back a loan. Having an irregular income or not having collateral to secure the loan in case of failure of the person to pay back the loan is one of the major reasons one may have a bad credit score. Laws in Canada have become stricter in recent times

Samuel Greg
5 Things to Consider while Selecting a Money Lender in Singapore
10 March 2017 Finance ≈ Loans

If you have ever dreamed of purchasing your own luxurious car or home in Singapore, then none other payday loans can assist you for the same. Taking a bank loan can be a strenuous task due to their large and complex legal procedures. But, there are many more options such as money lender Singapore to get the loan as per your financial requirements. With the money lenders in Singapore, you can avail

Samuel Greg
Get Loans Easily without Hassles of Visiting Banks Multiple Times
10 March 2017 Finance ≈ Loans

The global economic system is hard to wrap your head around at first. There are ways you could make money quick, but you need to be talented for that. There other ways where you need to dedicate a major chunk of your time to earn enough money to barely survive. There are endless categories in between and beyond the above mentioned two, like those people who were born into a family legacy and were

Samuel Greg
Best Education Loans In India
15 February 2017 Finance ≈ Loans

When it comes to studying abroad there is only one study loan that can help you right through. So Think Smart Think Avanse . Avanse Education Loans In India: Click here to apply now. Avanse is a new age education finance company( We are an Associate Company of Dewan Housing Finance Ltd. (DHFL), a leading player in the housing finance sphere. Avanse is a Non Banking Finance Company

Manish kumar
Home loans: Longer tenure ones are the best bet
23 December 2016 Finance ≈ Loans

A longer tenure home loan gives the borrower higher home loan eligibility, along with flexibility in repayment and income tax benefits   Until a few decades ago, Indians were generally averse to taking loans to buy or construct their homes and would use their retirement funds for the same. However, with increasing urbanization, easy availability of home loans and higher earnings of the

Shreekant Rao
Home Loan EMI Calculator- an Essential Tool
20 December 2016 Finance ≈ Loans

With all different kinds of housing loans, the Indian housing finance sector is fast developing.   Factors related to a home loan   Equated monthly installment, rate, period of the loan policy, credit status of the applicant and mode of repayment are some of the factors that are directly related to a home loan. Here is how different factors help you analyze the loan applicati

Shreekant Rao
4 Things to Consider before Opting for a Personal Loan
21 November 2016 Finance ≈ Loans

In this modern era, it is debatable whether money is solution, or the problem that the world is stacked up against. The culture of lending money has been around since the ancient times. There has always been a majority of population that has struggled to earn enough to fulfill their needs, and a small class of rich elites who help them out by lending them a sum of money. With modernization, the la

Samuel Greg
3 Kinds of Emergencies you Need to Prepare For
19 November 2016 Finance ≈ Loans

People do not realize it but life certainly is uncertain and so you can never be too sure when you might find yourself in a pickle, and by that I mean financial pickle. But what makes it worse is that, they are seldom prepared for such situations. Even though they may save, they often do not fully comprehend the meaning of an emergency situation and confuse their wants for their needs; and when th

Samuel Greg
A loan that will help you achieve your housing dream
29 October 2016 Finance ≈ Loans

When a person wishes to take a loan to purchase, build or construct his or her home the major thing that banks or finance companies consider is what would be their home loan eligibility. It is the maximum loan an individual can avail based on the income source, risk appetite, additional income source (spouse income), occupation, and credit history. If a person earns 50,000 it doesn’t mean

Robbin Kendy
Loan against property - Make the Most of Your Property
26 September 2016 Finance ≈ Loans

People want to buy property and there is a reason behind this. All movable and immovable properties can be converted into cash at any time. Life is uncertain and no one knows what would happen in the coming period of time. You could need money at all points of time. You might be planning to buy a new car for you or you might be planning for a huge celebration in your family. In all cases, you w

Nikhil Pandey
An Elementary Guide - FHA Housing Loans
24 September 2016 Finance ≈ Loans

For those who have not heard of FHA Housing loan, read on. This article might help you save so much money every month. When the real estate market fell, related industries such as construction also started falling. Then the banks and lending companies were next to get into hot water. Millions of Americans were laid off and millions of foreclosures occurred. Now people are still getting transfer

Nikhil Pandey
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