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Witness the combination of modern building concepts with GBP Group
24 July 2017 Real Estate ≈ Commercial Property

GBP Group is known for its combination of futuristic building ideas, the power of GBP lies in the making optimum use of available space and constantly been pushing the threshold in architectural design to create housing and township projects. Having own home is a dream of every single person for which a person works hard through his whole lifetime just to become financially strong so that he can b

GBP Group
Select your dream house from a wide range of luxury apartments in Chandigarh
6 July 2017 Real Estate ≈ Commercial Property

Flats in Chandigarh offered by GBP group is a Place that will inspire you to invite your friends and relatives to see your apartment loaded with modern amenities, which others just dream about. It has a decent walkways as well as green & clean atmosphere to live a decent life. Combined with entirely requirements of Smart Home concepts, it is a conspicuous name in the real estate market of tric

GBP Group
Fulfill your expectations by buying a flat in Mohali with GBP Group
6 July 2017 Real Estate ≈ Commercial Property

For most people buying a house is the most expensive purchase they will ever make in their lives.  There are governments programs that help people get into houses without a lot of money, but houses are still expensive.  Several individuals consider buying their dream home is not within the realm of possibility, because of the costs associated with houses and life in general.  Real e

GBP Group
Centrum by GBP Groups Redefines Commercial Space in Chandigarh
6 July 2017 Real Estate ≈ Commercial Property

Chandigarh is no more a place of the tired and the retired. The town, known for its pristine location, has now become a hub for the service sector in North India. Almost all big organizations have opened regional offices in Chandigarh. The buoyant banking and the IT sector have helped in boosting the demand for retail outlets in various parts of the city. The growth of retail services has contr

GBP Group
Methods to Choose Excellent Rental Property Managers and Firms
24 January 2017 Real Estate ≈ Commercial Property

If you have dilemma in choosing a firm that offers management of rental properties, you have to explore a wide variety of options before arriving at a conclusion. There are places to go but roaming around without any aim will not give in to the results that you intend to achieve. Comparing the services of different companies is the best way to begin as you need to collect information if it is the

Top attributes that make Dwarka L-Zone the most preferred choice
9 September 2016 Real Estate ≈ Commercial Property

They are working on the master plan of developing the L zone by an innovative land pooling policy. Under this policy, those who are willing to give away 2 to 20 hectare of land can get 48 percent of the total land while those who can give more than 20 hectares are liable to receive 60 percent of the land for developing residential and commercial facilities. With this positive motive, the govern

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